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When you order our ELO Boosting Services  you will have access to an Order Management Dashboard. Unlike other services, we designed our dashboard from scratch so we can maximize customer satisfaction at every stage of their order.

Relax and watch your ELO rise with our Order Management Dashboard’s tracking feature, which allows you to track your League of Legends rank in real-time.

When you login to your Order Management Dashboard after ordering, you will have access to a Live Chat with your assigned Booster for the duration of the order.

Customize your order through our wide array of options: Specific Champions, Specific Roles, Preferred Booster, Order Priority, and more!

At BMS Boosting, we use a VPN connection while boosting to mask the location of your accounts. This helps protect you against Riot’s account sharing detection by making it appear to them as if we were playing near your location. By doing this, the change of login location would seem more natural.

Worried about somebody seeing you get boosted from your friend list? Worry not, because at BMS Boosting we can use Offline Mode to block out the friends list section of the League of Legends client and make it appear as if you are offline, while in reality a professional is operating on your account!

Our Focus

Personalized LoL Boosting Experience

Contrary to our competitors, we believe in one-on-one communication between clients, boosters, and management. The treatment of clients at BMS Boosting, unlike other services in the market, prioritize friendliness and respect. Our goal is not to become a corporate identity with a tunnel-vision on money, but to be a service that can provide clients with quality boosters that other companies wouldn’t risk their profits to hire.





Community Server

700+ Member Discord Server

Join our server with satisfied clients, boosters, coaches, and management. You can check out real reviews of our service, get notified about updates to our service, and receive special promotional offers.

At any point in your order, the friendly management on our Discord Server can answer your questions about our Dashboard, the Ordering Process we designed, or more!

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See what BMS Boosting clients are saying!
Did a great G1->P5 boost, really quick and was able to fulfill a lot of requests I had!
Customer service from tev for selling account was very nice and awesome, he was even patient with my questions that I bombarded him with and answered all of them. Instant delivery too :heart_eyes:

5 games, 5 wins.

no toxic, no tilt, great carry, excellent service :heart:
got a nid duo booster in p1/d5, he legit crushed the enemy teams so hard rip
Booster is an absolute monster. Went 10-0 in placements and had an insane KDA. BMS Tev was super attentive and is super friendly. 10/10 will definitely order again!
Excellent service. Bought placement boost. Got placed in plat 2. Tev and the booster were friendly and helpful. Definitely recommend!
I’m a very satisfied client!! 10 out of 10 service not only by the booster but the customer service and owner as well. Achieved diamond V by duoing with my booster who was very professional and helpful. Would definitely be a returning customer without a doubt. Thank you~!

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