Frequently Asked Questions

We provide many Elo Boosting Services such as Solo/Duo Division Boosting, Solo/Duo Net Wins Boosting, Solo/Duo Placement Boosting and Coaching Services from Master Tier, Grandmaster Tier and Challenger Tier Coaches on the champions you want to learn. The famous members of our team such as Tarzaned, Adrian Riven, and others also offer coaching at their own special rates available upon request.

Select your order to complete our simple ordering form to submit your order. After we receive your payment, you will be redirected to an Order Information page where you can check out the next steps to your order and how to contact us if need be!

At BMS Boosting, we respect the security of our clients so we exclusively use PayPal to accept payments. On the final step of our ordering page you will be redirected to a PayPal Payment Screen where you can pay with PayPal Account Balance, Credit Cards, or Debit Cards.

No it does not! We value our clients and offer Specific Summoner Spells and Offline Mode for free as an incentive to choose BMS Boosting for your Elo Boosting or Coaching needs! Simply request Specific Summoner Spells or Offline Mode while you are completing your Ordering Form if you wish to have it for your order.

Our Professional Team of boosters will never talk to your friends on your account. If you wish to speak with your friends while we are on your account, please use the League Friends Mobile Application.

While we boast a 0% ban rate, there is always a very small chance of being banned for Boosting if you choose Solo Boosting services (Duo Boosting has a 0% chance of being banned). At BMS Boosting, we use several special methods to minimize the chance of your account getting banned. A ban due to Boosting is not covered by BMS Boosting as it is your own risk to choose a Boosting Service.

At BMS Boosting, our professional Customer Support team pays close attention to the perfect completion of every order. In rare cases where an order is not completed, we offer a full refund to the Paypal address you ordered with. You can contact our Customer Support team to address any issue as our goal is ultimately your complete satisfaction.

If you are a talented, non-toxic player then you can apply to join our team on the Join Our Team Page. We are strict about the quality of our team members so you must meet the standards posted on the Join Our Team Page in order to be considered for our team.

Yes! If there is a certain reason that may make you want to switch the booster on your order, our management team will change the booster assigned to your order. In order to request a booster, simply fill out the “Message” section in the final step of our ordering form to request the booster of your choice.

The member of our team listed on our website are only a small portion of our team. We currently have over 70 members in our team in order to bring our clients the best service that can be offered. We have many famous players that we cannot mention in respect to their privacy, however we can say that they regularly rank in the Top 10 of the Challenger Ladders in their respective regions (ex. NA, EUW).

Yes you can! However, some famous members of our team may only accept Coaching Orders and no Boosting orders. The famous members of our team also have their own rates as they are our higher profile members. If you wish to place an order for them, contact us through our Live-Chat or our Contact Us Page.

No worries! We have a Professional Live Chat team to answer your questions at any time and a Contact Us Page if you’d like to ask us via email!