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BMS Boosting
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by Brian Pease on BMS Boosting

Very friendly, cheap, and efficient.

by Timmy on BMS Boosting
Diamond 3 to Diamond 2 Solo Division

The guy was really nice, and @BMS Tev Was really patient with me since I'm not someone that likes waiting, booster was great, I'd recommend BMS to anyone. Would boost again. 10/10

by Alex Baker on BMS Boosting
Platinum 1 to Diamond 4 Duo Division

P1-D4 Duo queue very quickly, was paired with Dawidax. Super awesome guy, and hard carried every game with almost no problem. Even gave some pointers on how to improve after the games were complete! 10/10 Would recommend and for sure coming back!

by Dragonfly on BMS Boosting
Platinum 2 to Diamond 4 Duo Division

P2 - D4 Duo queue in one night only, 1 loss. Tev hooked me up with a quality guy, Dawidax. Nice booster, was helpful and good at communication. Hard carried in the occasional few games I didn't do well. As for Tev, I had good experience ordering and asking questions, but also had a good experience talking to him as a non-customer last year. Top notch service.

by Jeffrey on BMS Boosting
Platinum Last Season Duo Placements

By far the most professional people in this service. Tev and the community are extremely helpful not only in providing results but going above and beyond. I wasn't just a customer/number, but given elements of coaching and information that I can take into the future as well. 10/10, 5 stars would definitely recommend. I was artistic ADC's client, and I didn't expect to have as much fun as I did. Wonderful service.

by Veai on BMS Boosting
1 Hour Master Tier ADC Coaching

Artistic ADC did coaching with me Really improved me as a player. Great Coach would recommended 10/10. He thought me about macro play itemization

by dontmindmejusthangingout on BMS Boosting
Silver 4 to Gold 5 Solo DIvision

Did s4-g5 in about 5 days. Didn’t use offline mode on the last day since I had some messages but not a huge deal. Thanks

by Lidless on BMS Boosting
Silver 1 to Gold 5 Solo Division

S1-G5 in the last few hours of the season thanks to @BMS PsycoticRush, thanks bud.

by Nerd Killer on BMS Boosting
Gold 5 to Platinum 5 Solo Division

Yoon is awesome... won every game and played close to 30 games in a short period of time. Great booster, and fun to hang with in game. He made climbing actually fun. Good sense of humor as well as amazing skills 1 v 5.

by BLR Bird on BMS Boosting
Silver 2 to Gold 5 Solo Division

S2-G5 was done just in time for EOS. They do listen to the comments on SS and all that jazz . Was fun to see how the games went and honestly learned alot from just watching. 10/10

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